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Merinos with superior ASBVs make more money

Australian Sheep Breeding Values  (ASBVs) take the guesswork out of ram selection and predict how a ram’s progeny will perform for a range of traits.  This makes it possible to compare rams that look completely different because they have been raised under different conditions.

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For example, if you look at a 100kg ram cutting 10 kg of wool alongside a 60kg ram cutting 5kg of the same micron, most people would choose the bigger ram. But if the bigger ram had been born six months earlier than the smaller ram, to an older mother and raised under high nutrition, while the smaller ram was born a twin to a maiden mother and paddock reared, the smaller ram may actually produce lambs that grow more wool and make you more money. Because they are not born and raised under identical conditions it is difficult to compare them visually. This is where genetics comes in, to separate the environmental influences and show the rams’ true potential.

For more information https://genetics.mla.com.au/merino/

ASBVs are available for a comprehensive range of production traits for wool quantity and quality, growth, carcase merit, reproduction and worm resistance, so you can select animals with the traits you want to improve in your own flock.

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